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By: W. Mason, M.A., Ph.D.

Vice Chair, The University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix

Believing all of these cholesterol myths medicinebg order 600mg oxcarbazepine with mastercard, Americans decreased their intake of good fats and oils (like coconut oil medicine venlafaxine generic 600mg oxcarbazepine overnight delivery, fish oil medicine 1975 lyrics generic 150mg oxcarbazepine with amex, olive oil) and started consuming more vegetable oils and margarine (a trans fat) treatment 4s syndrome purchase oxcarbazepine master card. This diet has caused thousands of deaths from heart disease, as have the statin drugs which supposedly prevent heart disease, but in reality have numerous deleterious effects. Statins have been shown to increase your risk of diabetes through a few different mechanisms. The most important one is that they increase insulin resistance, which contributes to chronic inflammation (the common element of most diseases) and actually results in heart disease, which, ironically, is the primary reason for taking a cholesterol-reducing drug in the first place! It has a hormone-like structure that behaves like a fat in that it is insoluble in water and in blood. Cholesterol travels through your bloodstream in small packages called "lipoproteins" which are made of lipids (fats) on the inside and proteins on the outside. The cholesterol percentage of each lipoprotein varies depending upon the specific type of lipoprotein. If your primary caregiver is treating you for high cholesterol and does not know these facts, then you should find another primary caregiver. It is imperative for your health that your caregiver completely understands all of the ramifications of the treatment as well as the cause for cholesterol blocking your vascular system in the first place. Once again we must stress that treating the cause rather than a symptom is needed to maintain health. What you are almost never told is that cholesterol supports many extremely important functions in the maintenance of good health. The fact is that when cholesterol levels fall below 160 mg/dL, cholesterol deficiency symptoms may begin to be severe enough to be noticed. One of the first problems often noticed is adrenal insufficiency, which may cause allergic reactions (that have never occurred before) to foods or plants. All of these may lead to more serious diseases, some of which may be life threatening. Optimal serum cholesterol levels actually help to prevent some types of cerebrovascular diseases and suboptimal cholesterol levels have been associated with an increased risk of cerebrovascular diseases. Cholesterol is also an essential component of cell membranes and, helps maintain the integrity of cell membrane fluidity (which is constantly changing do to fluctuations of dietary fat consumption). Cholesterol also plays a particularly important function as a major constituent of the myelin sheath, which acts as insulation of neurons. Cholesterol also creates many valuable byproducts that are required for complete digestion. These byproducts include cholic acid, chenodeoxycholic acid, and deoxycholic acid, all of which are essential components of bile, which is needed for fat digestion and their absorption into the intestines. Cholesterol plays a large role in the function of the immune system; low cholesterol levels may increase the risk of several types of cancer. Cholesterol is actually secreted by glands in the skin which help protect the skin from infections from detrimental bacteria and fungi. Cholesterol also acts as an antioxidant and possesses powerful antioxidant properties. It has also been shown through several studies that optimal cholesterol levels are required in order to prevent aggressiveness (excessively low 52 Work With Your Doctor Cholesterol cholesterol levels increase the incidence of aggressiveness). It would have been interesting if the studies had analyzed sex hormone levels as well, since cholesterol is required for testosterone synthesis and it is well proven that low testosterone levels also increase aggressiveness. We realize that most physicians (and most of the public) have bought into "`roid rage" theory, implicating excess testosterone with rage. However, science and peer reviewed studies have proven the exact opposite to be true. Aggressiveness increases when testosterone drops below normal levels or when the ratio of testosterone to estradiol becomes low. Cholesterol is also required to deal with stress, so you can see its importance in our Western society. Cholesterol accomplishes this task by being an essential constituent of all adrenal gland hormones. These hormones include adrenaline, cortisone, and cortisol which are released by the body in response to stress in order to counteract its effects. It should also be noted that excessive stress causes production of high quantities of endogenous cholesterol.

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In addition medicine symbol 300mg oxcarbazepine overnight delivery, health and safety concerns about wireless charging are addressed medicine education purchase oxcarbazepine online pills, as well as their relevant standards symptoms tonsillitis discount 300 mg oxcarbazepine free shipping. Economically symptoms 8 days post 5 day transfer discount oxcarbazepine 600mg amex, the costs of a wide range of wireless charging systems has also been summarised and compared. Moreover, they were more damaging than previously tested cytotoxic agents like certain chemicals, starvation, dehydration. Radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure and risk perception: A pilot experimental study. As a strategy, providing software apps on mobile phones that measure actual exposure could be implemented with the intention of providing realistic exposure information. Abstract In the near future, electrification will be introduced to heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars. This paper describes a method for solving technical and safety issues associated with this technology. Abstract Epidemiological studies have suggested that human exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields from the electric power and to mobile phone radiofrequency electromagnetic fields induce an increased risk of developing malignant tumours. However, no adequate laboratory data, in particular long-term carcinogenicity bioassays to support the epidemiological evidence, have yet been available. A second project of two large life-span carcinogenic bioassays was conducted on over 3000 Sprague Dawley rats exposed from prenatal life until natural death to 1. In the present study, it can be concluded that the exposure of mice to mobile phone radiation had an effect on the structure of the brain, behavior and body weight. The waves of mobile phones increased activity characteristics and changed some behavioral categories of mice and also decreased their body weight. Histopathological examination revealed mild edema of neutrophils and degeneration of some neurons and glial cells in the brains of experimental mice. The results of the present study showed that a using mobile phone had an influence on in vivo systems. Oxidative stress-mediated alterations on sperm parameters in male Wistar rats exposed to 3G mobile phone radiation. Abstract In recent years, there has been significant increase in mobile phone users. With this, health concerns associated with the exposure to electromagnetic radiation are also increasing. With this hypothesis, we studied the effect of 3G mobile phone radiations on the reproductive system of male Wistar rats. The animals were exposed to 3G mobile phone radiation for 45 days (2 hr/day) in specially designed exposure setup under standard conditions. Various biochemical and physiological parameters such as sperm count, sperm morphology, mitochondrial activity, lipid peroxidation, reactive oxygen species level and histopathological analysis were studied. Histopathological examination revealed a reduction in spermatogenic cells and alterations in sperm membrane. In conclusion, exposure to mobile phone radiations induces oxidative stress in male Wistar rats which may lead to alteration in sperm parameters and affects their fertility. No effect on motility parameters was detected in semen extended with cryopreservative medium and radiated prior to freezing. Increased usage of mobile phone raises the question of possible adverse effects on health. Materials and Methods: A total of 18 albino mice were divided into 3 groups (6 Mice per group). Followed by the exposure, learning memory was assessed by using Hebb-Williams maze in all the groups. Cell phone radiation wffect on bone-to-implant osseointegration: A preliminary histologic evaluation in rabbits. This study aimed to assess the consequences of cell phoneemitted radiation on bone-to-implant osseointegration during the healing phase. Group 1 (control) was not exposed to electromagnetic radiation; group 2 (test) was exposed for 8 hours/day in speech mode and 16 hours/day in standby mode; and group 3 (test) was exposed for 24 hours continuously in standby mode for 3 months. Forty-eight implants were placed in tibia and femur bone of rabbits, and after 90 days the rabbits were sacrificed and bone surrounding the implant was retrieved. Histopathologic evaluations of the specimens were done using transmitted light microscope. Effect of mobile tower radiation on microbial diversity in soil and antibiotic resistance.

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Currently medicine hat college 600mg oxcarbazepine, there is still very limited information on what biological mechanisms influence neuronal cells of the brain symptoms gestational diabetes purchase 300 mg oxcarbazepine visa. Abstract In recent years there has been a tremendous increase in use of Wi-Fi devices along with mobile phones symptoms congestive heart failure order oxcarbazepine cheap online, globally medicine in the civil war cheap oxcarbazepine 150 mg on-line. Exposure decreased activities of super oxide dismutase, catalase and reduced glutathione levels whereas increased levels of brain lipid peroxidation was encountered in the radiation exposed rats, showing compromised anti-oxidant defense. Expression of caspase 3 gene in brain samples were quantified which unraveled notable increase in the apoptotic marker caspase 3 in 2. After radiation exposure, viability of irradiated cells remained within normal physiological values. After 60 min of exposure, the applied radiation caused significant lipid and protein damage. Two protocols were used: (i) single 2h exposure, with rats sacrificed immediately, and 1h, 1, 7, or 50 days later, and (ii) repeated exposures (2h/day, 5 days/week, for 4 weeks) with the effects assessed immediately and 50 days after the end of exposure. Fifty days after repeated exposure, the occurrence of degenerating neurons was unchanged on average. It is also noteworthy that the highest albumin levels were comparable to the highest background levels in cage-control rats. Dec 2017, Abstract During the last few decades there has been an enormous increase in the usage of cell phones as these are one of the most convenient gadgets and provide excellent mode of communication without evoking any hindrance to movement. Retrospective estimation of the electric and magnetic field exposure conditions in in vitro experimental reports reveal considerable potential for uncertainty. Here we systemically quantify these uncertainties based on exposure conditions described in a group of bioelectromagnetic experimental reports for a representative sampling of the existing literature. The resulting uncertainties, stemming from insufficient, ambiguous, or erroneous description, design, implementation, or validation of the experimental methods and systems, were often substantial enough to potentially make any successful reproduction of the original experimental conditions difficult or impossible. It follows that all biologically relevant experimental conditions must be reasonably reproducible in order for any such effects to be consistently observed and mature into established scientific facts. For these cases, the uncertainties may exceed levels that would allow 451 for satisfactory reproduction of such exposures in subsequent experimental attempts, and raise doubts about the quality of the reported data to reasonably assess the significance of the biological effects of such exposures, should they exist. Therefore, it is imperative that the dedicated bioelectromagnetics researcher puts sufficient care into minimizing any potential sort of experimental exposure conditions uncertainty by designing, validating, executing, and reporting the experimental systems and methods carefully and completely from a replication perspective specifically. It is clear that individual experiments and protocols cannot be standardized as they differ in an endpoint-to-endpoint basis; nevertheless, it is the direct responsibility of the researcher to build the necessary framework that fits his specific experimental systems and procedures in a way that they may be replicated within reasonable bounds. For this, the resources presented in this manuscript and those provided by several other researchers in the community for more than 40 years can be useful [Bassett et al. Additionally, this endeavor may require the consideration of factors typically excluded from the standard dosimetric scope without proper justification other than for being difficult to characterize. For instance, in acknowledging the hard reality that cellular systems respond to diverse aspects of their immediate environment, the bioelectromagnetics community may embrace the need for complete uncertainty budgets based on computation and experimental validation of the electric and magnetic fields at the cellular level. This may result in the consideration of microdosimetric analysis as an additional (and perhaps indispensable) approach to reduce uncertainty within reasonable levels, depending on the specific experimental conditions at play. The work was done at the South Florida Ocean Measurement Facility of Naval Surface Warfare Center in Broward County, Florida, which has a range of active undersea detection and data transmission cables. Visual surveys were conducted using standardized transect and point-count methods to acquire reef fish abundances and species richness prior to and immediately after a change in transmission frequency. In general, analysis of the data did not find statistical differences among power states and any variables. We did not see adequate numbers of some species, especially elasmobranchs, known to reside in or transit the area. Thus, some local species might be impacted but our results would not clearly show it. Also, we cannot discount the possibility that the time intervals between power states utilized here (approximately 30min) to assess changes in reef fish populations was too short to capture slow changes that may be occurring as a result of altering the power state, and the low sample sizes and high count variability may be obscuring some statistical analyses. The potential long-term effect of such impact, if any, on the distributions of fish populations and community structure is not known, and further research is needed. Thermal Modeling for the Next Generation of Radiofrequency Exposure Limits: Commentary. This analysis suggests that present limits are highly conservative relative to their stated goals of limiting temperature increase in tissue. As applied to transmitting devices used against the body, they are much more conservative than product safety standards for touch temperature for personal electronics equipment that are used in contact with the body. Provisions in the current guidelines for "averaging time" and "averaging area" are not consistent with scaling characteristics of the bioheat equation and should be refined.

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