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By: R. Surus, M.S., Ph.D.

Program Director, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Accordingly severe depression quiz 150 mg bupron sr for sale, plyometric regimens will differ according to event specialities; however anxiety ed purchase bupron sr australia, many high school athletes compete in a wide range of events depression symptoms joint pain order bupron sr 150mg free shipping. For these athletes anxiety from alcohol cheap bupron sr 150 mg on line, a program of general exercises with specificity added during peak competitive periods is suggested. Progression from general to specific exercises occurs as fitness increases and individual event requirements are addressed. Perhaps the most important aspect in periodizing plyometric training is deciding when to implement a certain type of exercise in the training program. Intense hopping and bounding too early or too close to important competitions can easily ruin a promising season. Introducing Plyometrics Begin each season with an easy introduction to plyometric training. Even experienced athletes should start with general exercises using a moderate number of repetitions performed at low intensity. In a high school program, a lot of teaching has to be done during this phase of training. Coaches should resist the temptation to move better athletes on to more intense drills too soon. Doing general exercises with excellent technique and developing greater strength in tendons and ligaments is far more beneficial than rushing into demanding drills. Lower intensity and more repetitions afford a good opportunity for learning plyometric exercise with proper technique and execution. Plyometric work should be done after the main body of running, throwing, or jumping. The athletes will be warmed up and loose, and the fatigue of plyometric training will not compromise the event-specific portion of the workout; however, that does 130 ChapTer 5 Plyometric Training for Speed-Strength not mean plyometric work should ever be done as part of a warm-down. Teaching and General Skill Development the introduction phase begins with two easy sessions in the first one or two weeks. When athletes have learned these properly in rhythm form, they should begin doing drills with greater intensity, bringing in the power component. At the end of this three to four week phase, one session should be primarily rhythm plyometrics and the other power plyometrics. With transition to the next phase of training, event specificity determines the nature of plyometric workouts. General Power Development the next phase of training is to divides the team according to event areas. Sprinters stress power and begin to incorporate a greater percentage of speed plyometric work near the end of the phase. Jumpers and throwers build greater volume and intensity into the power work and move toward more event/specific drills. Distance runners do moderate amounts of power work combined with rhythm work accentuating fluidity and speed. Multi-event athletes should follow a course similar to that of jumpers or sprinters. This period of development will cover two to four weeks, or 20 percent of the season for one hard and one easy session per week. Two strong sessions per week with at least two full days rest between them are recommended. During this period, sprinters now integrate rhythm, power and speed plyometric exercises. Emphasis is placed upon power development early in this phase, and then the focus moves to speed plyometrics. Jumpers and throwers continue to stress power development, integrating event-specific rhythm and speed drills. This period of training will last four to five weeks, or 30 percent of the season. Optimum Performance and Recovery the fourth and last phase of plyometric training accompanies the peak competitive portion of the season. Some authorities suggest stopping all plyometric work; however, it is recommended that light plyometric activity reinforces the early training of the neuromuscular system. In a well constructed program, rest is not the absence of training, but a component of it. Benefiting from plyometric exercise requires a thorough understanding of this principle.

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The first check mark can be determined by the vaulter placing the takeoff foot the correct distance from the plant box depression in cats discount bupron sr 150mg visa, turning to face away from the pit and running the number of strides toward the end of the runway that allows him or her to attain maximum controlled running speed mood disorder adolescent purchase bupron sr with amex. These two marks allow the vaulter to check the accuracy of the start of the approach depression meme order bupron sr 150 mg mastercard. A third marker placed six strides from the takeoff point should be used by the coach to check the accuracy and consistency of the approach run depression symptoms test uk bupron sr 150 mg low price. The vaulter may either count these strides by counting the number of times the takeoff foot strikes the runway (five or six times) or by using visual cues along the side of the runway. Optimum penetration is the result of using the correct grip height for the amount of force transferred toward the pit at takeoff. Poor penetration occurs when the pole fails to reach a vertical position and the vaulter fails to reach the vertical plane of the back of the vault box. Excess penetration (too low a grip height for the amount of force transferred at takeoff) will not allow the vaulter enough time to complete the swing and reach the fully inverted position. If the athlete has a proper takeoff, adjusting grip height up or down approximately four inches will usually correct penetration problems. Methods of Training Of all track and field events, the pole vault requires the greatest range of athletic ability. Training for the pole vault should include running, sprinting, weight training, plyometrics, gymnastics, flexibility exercises, vault-specific drills and, of course, vaulting. When there is an increase in the number of strength development exercises in training (pull-ups, push-ups, plyometrics and gymnastics), there must be a proportionate reduction in the amount of weight training. The coach should understand the purpose of each of the following drills and how they should be incorporated into a training program. Emphasize consistency, good speed, acceleration during the last strides into the takeoff and the timing of the plant. It is important to shorten distance if the athlete cannot accomplish the task with good technique. Todeveloptheplant/takeoffrhythm,havethevaultertakeafourstride approach, plant, and takeoff into the landing pit, so the pole reaches the vertical position. Todevelopthecompletevaultrhythm,havethevaulterplant,swingto vertical, pull-turn and push, and land in the pit on the back. Have the vaulter use a narrow grip and grip the pole at a height 18 inches above the reach height. Using a four-stride approach, perform the plant/ takeoff so the pole reaches a vertical position. Gradually increase the grip height when the vaulter is easily penetrating past the vertical. Withthepoleinthebox,havethevaultertakeahighgripon a stiff pole, mark the takeoff point, and then move three strides back. Have the vaulter perform the run/plant/takeoff sequence from an approach of three, six, eight and 10 strides. Plant the pole into a towel, movable box or inner tube filled with five pounds of sand. To develop confidence in the plant, have the vaulter plant the pole firmly, aiming forward and upward, using a short- or medium-length approach with a gradually increasing grip height.

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