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The Impact of Truman's Decision to Use Atomic Bombs on Japan - E.S.E Hospital

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Background of Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman's father was only fourteen years old. He died, which forced him to leave the school and find a job to support his mother and grandparents.

Despite these challenges, Truman continued to become a successful and respected politician. After he was elected as the US Senate in 1934, he began to act as a political career of the judge of Jackson County, Missouri. As a senator, Truman enjoys a reputation due to integrity, hard work and commitment to progress policies.

During World War II, Truman served as Vice President under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt. When Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, Truman held a presidential position. He faces some major challenges, including the end of the war and the need to rebuild Europe and Japan. During this period, Truman's leaders could establish the beginning of the United Nations, Marshall Plan and the Cold War.

Truman (Truman) is also known for his famous decisions of using nuclear weapons in Japan in August 1945, and ended the end of World War II. This decision is praised and criticized by historians. Some people think that it is necessary to avoid longer and more fatal wars, and others think that this is an unnecessary and immoral behavior.

After leaving the office in 1953, Truman returned to Missouri, where he continued to be active in public life, wrote memoirs and served as a consultant to various organizations. He died on December 26, 1972 at the age of 88.

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The Development of Atomic Bomb

The development of atomic bombs is one of the most important scientific progress in history. It marks the turning point of human beings and has a profound impact on world politics and society.

A positive impact on science:

1. Progress of nuclear physics: The development of atomic bombs promotes the boundaries of human understanding of nuclear physics, which has led to important discovery and innovation, thereby benefiting from various fields such as medicine and energy production.

2. Research cooperation: During World War II, scientists from different countries cooperated to develop atomic bomb technology, which promoted international scientific cooperation and knowledge exchanges.

3. Breakthrough of weapon technology: Atomic bombs represent the revolutionary leap in weapon development, affecting future military strategies and technology.

A positive impact on world history:

1. The end of World War II: The threat of the atomic bomb promoted the surrender of Japan, affecting the end of the Second World War, leading to the ultimate defeat of fascism and the establishment of peace in the region.

2. The beginning of the nuclear era: The development of atomic bomb marks the beginning of the nuclear era. The world has invested in its own weapon plan and carried out political negotiations to maintain power balance.

3. The emergence of global politics: The development of atomic bombs has led to the rise of international organizations like the United Nations, which aims to promote peace and cooperation between countries, while solving the potential threats brought by nuclear technology.

Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Japan

During World War II, the United States' atomic bombs in Japan in Japan are still one of the most important and controversial events in history. President Harry S. In this analysis, we will explore the historical background of the use of atomic bullets and study the views of various professional authorities on the theme.

With the development of World War II, the United States is increasingly aware of Germany's progress in advanced weapons, including nuclear technology. The U. S. government uses resources to formulate its own nuclear plan, which is under the Manhattan project. After successfully developing the first atomic bomb and named "Little Boy", President Truman faced a decision on how to use this new weapon.

Perspective of professional authorities:

1. Military Strategy: Many military strategists believe that the use of atomic bombs will save life by quickly ending the Pacific War. General Dwatter D. Eisenhower, who is responsible for the development of atomic bombs, believes that it is necessary to use weapons to avoid long-term and expensive Japanese invasion.

2. Diplomats: diplomats and politicians, such as James F. Byrnes, who advocates the use of atomic bombs as a means to show their power and influence to other countries (especially the Soviet Union). After the end of World War II, this will help the United States as the main force of global affairs.

3. Humanitarian attention: criticize the decision to abandon the atomic bomb, and think that their use is unnecessary and inhumane. Historians such as Howard Zinn and Gar Alperovitz pointed out that Japan was considering surrender before the bomb surrender. Truman's government may have motivated by other factors other than the end of the war. Essence

4. Scientific community: Scientific community, including well-known physicists such as Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer, expressed concern on the long-term impact of nuclear weapons. They advocate developing more peaceful nuclear technology applications, and also recognize the devastating potential of atomic bombs.

Post-war Impact of Truman's Decision

After the Second World War, Harry S. Harry S. He decided to implement the Truman theory decision marked the turning point in US foreign policy, emphasizing curbing and supporting democratic countries from Soviet aggression.

One of the positive influences decided by Truman is the formulation of Marshall plans, which provides economic assistance for European countries affected by the war. This initiative helped the rebuilding economy, promoted political stability, and strengthened the alliance between Western powers, and eventually reduced the risk of another global conflict.

Truman's commitment to communism led to the establishment of NATO in 1949 (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization). This military alliance brings together Western European countries and the United States to further ensure the security of the region that oppose potential Soviet aggression with a common defense agreement.

Truman also adopted a decisive action during the Korean War to provide support for South Korea's opposition to North Korea. His intervention has proved the United States' determination to defend democracy and curb global threats.

In addition, the focus of the Truman government is to promote citizenship in the United States, sign an administrative order to separate the army, and establish equal employment opportunities for all citizens, regardless of race or gender. This move is an important step to ensure equality of law and promote social justice.

Truman's domestic policy aims to improve infrastructure, education and medical care, and contribute to economic growth and overall well-being during the presidential period. The "Federal Highway Law" in 1956 led to the establishment of a wide range of inter-road networks, thereby improving business and connectivity across the country. In addition, the establishment of the National Science Foundation and the efforts of the Soviet Satellite Satellite Satellite in the Soviet Union in 1957 promoted the re-attention of scientific education and research.

Criticism and Justification of Truman's Decision

Truman decided to use the atomic bomb decision: reasonable action

With the end of the Second World War in 1945, the United States discovered that it was facing a huge decision to use atomic bombs to use atomic bombs in Japan. After the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S.

One of the main reasons for Truman's decision to use atomic bombs was the potential loss of American life. The allies are preparing to invade the Japanese mainland, which may lead to thousands of casualties on both sides. By using the atomic bomb, Truman hopes to avoid destroying a land-based battle and bring a faster ending to the war.

Another argument that supports Truman is to show the power of new weapons to the world. The atomic bomb is an unprecedented force and can cause huge damage. By using it to Japan, Truman aims to show its potential to other countries and prevent them from participating in future aggression.

Some scholars believe that the use of atomic bombs will cause Japan to surrender faster. Historians have always argued whether the country will eventually surrender without a bomb, but people generally believe that the explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki helps to convince the Japanese government to yield.

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